What You Need To Know About Natural Laws

Natural Laws


It is said that the entire universe lives by natural laws or what some term as “cosmic” laws. The planets, the sea, the moon the wind, the gravitational forces are all submerged under these natural laws. These laws rule human coordination, influencing whatever happens and the result we get from our actions. It is considered, however, that these laws could control our destiny. Many are not all that observant to anticipate the influences these laws place upon humans and all objects of the universe

Natural laws control the rising and setting of the sun. It directs the waves and the storm in the sea. It determines when the rain will fall and the drying of the land. As natural laws rule every creature of the world, so the human body has its laws. Many live in a haphazard manner as if the human body is a mere machine to be carelessly handled. Diseases are common and many are suffering because web do not regard these laws.

Natural Laws In Terms Of Health

Whatever disease the world knows today is caused by our failure to observe these laws. And anyone who is sick must accept the fact that he has gone against these natural laws. Disregarding the body’s natural laws causes all stressfulness, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, cancer, asthma, venereal diseases and others.

And the opposite is sure that all those who strictly jeep these laws are free from the sufferings that diseases have brought upon human lives. The curses and cares of these times, too much buying of medicines and spending of monies on medical examinations are so limited on those who keep natural laws.

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The air that we breath, the sun that rises upon human body, the exercise that many do to manipulate the blood, the resting of the exhausted and fatigued body are the great medicines than whatever drug a doctor may prescribe.

If one knows how to use water; and selecting, combining and cooking of proper diet, and abstinence and temperance in all that he takes into the body, finally trusting in the Lord, He cares and intervenes in all matters, and if even sickness may come it may not be as people are suffering today.

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When sickness comes, the patient must advance the mind to ascertain the cause by self-examination. Let him intelligently trace the cause, then use the same wisdom to handle the case. You can easily do this; this is not deep science ; any lay, common man can with faith and God-giving intelligence trace the cause and effect of diseases and work so intelligently to have a cure.

When people are sick, they forget to first go down on their knees to ask about what to do. They instead rush to take their hospital cards to see a doctor, then from there they buy poisonous medicines to worsen the matters. Many patients do not need medicines.

But for the lack of knowledge and patience to understand the condition, by tracing the cause with Gods help, they buy and consume plenty of modern, chemical used drugs, which may eventually cause damage to the liver and the kidneys. Some people need to fast 2 or 3 meals to become well. And there are some that need to stop eating certain foods and employ others they do not know to become well.

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It can happen that you need to breath pure oxygenous air from plants to ventilate your lungs to become perfectly well.

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Natural Laws

There are two man medications : rational remedies and death remedies. The one who rushes to buy poisonous drugs to worsen problems when sickness comes is sowing a seed of death. If you understand physiology in its truest sense, your drug bills will be less and it will come to a time that you will cease to deal with drugs at all. Even the physicians whose work is mainly prescribing medicines, shows that he does not know the delicate machinery of the human system; the more we prescribe, the more we send many to their graves.

Some of the rational remedies is the use of pure air, sunlight, water, rest and proper diet, when sensibly utilized will bring more restoration and save many lives.



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