What Is Proper Diet? The Health Benefits

The health benefits of proper diet

Proper diet keeps the body healthy. You are what you eat. If your food is chocolate, your blood is chocolate . If your food is “gari”, your blood is “gari” and if your food is banana, your blood will be banana just as healthy and strong as a monkey. When your blood contains garlic, definitely you blood has a strong immune power to prevent great sicknesses including AIDS.

There is no miracle God can do to give you nutrients from foods that you do not eat. For example : garlic contains an expensive mineral known as ” selenium “. Selenium prevents fibroid, cancer, hypertension, and many more. If you do not like garlic because of the odour, I do not think God can do any miracle to supply what you have ‘rejected’.

The best and safest way of curing disease is by diet and foods. Every disease has certain foods or fears. Hypertension fears honey, garlic, and dandelion. Diabetes fears cucumber and watermelon seeds. Typhoid fears common grape fruits and lemons. Anemia and sickle cell diseases fear beetroots. Piles fears common garden eggs, pawpaw, year and many more.

Select foods very well, combine them very well and cook very well with caution. Vegetables are not to be cooked long. Grains and Beans should stay long on fire. Bread should be baked well. By far fresh and raw fruits are very excellent.


Study these basic foods and know how to make good use of them. See the picture of the food items below to know how to, combine and balance your diets.

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Abalanced diet.Proper diet

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