The Healing Power of Carrots (Daucus carota)

The Healing Power of Carrots

Carrots, like garlic, pawpaw and others could be more appropriate when considering medicines. Carrot is ‘more medicinal’ than it is often known as a food item. It is just essential for vision, the skin, and the bones.

The best meat you can eat is vegetables: carrots, mushrooms, cabbages, cucumbers, radishes; you many understand this “divine meat” when you read Genesis 1:29.

Medical properties if Carrots

Alternative, Antibiotic, Antidiarrheic, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Carmintive, Depurative, Detoxification, Diuretic, Emmenagogue, Emollient, Vermifuge.

Medical Uses Of Carrots/ The Healing Power Of Carrots

Vision Disorders

In medicine, whenever one mentions Carrots, what comes to mind is its special pro-vitamin A, (caarotone) that has a splendid effect on the eye. Significantly, it is real and obvious that those who use carrot correctly as food and medicine will not lose their eye-sight, and it is not possible to read at old age without eye-lenses.


It is highly recommended for all eye diseases such as glaucoma, hyctalopia(loss of visual acuity), blepharitis(inflammation of the eyelids) chronic conjunctivitis and Keratitis(inflammation of the cornea), and others.

Skin Diseases

To maintain or gain a smooth, bright skin, without rashes, scaly dryness, wrinkles, and others , begin eating carrots. And by far, if carrot juice can be drunk daily, it will benefit the skin.


I have never seen an element that can strengthen the teeth than common carrot. This time the juice is not the best way, but chewing it raw. Nature will indicate that if there are some nutrients that would help the teeth, the Creator who is the greatest architect would never place them in any other foods, than those we love chewing.

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Therefore, it is proper and excellent to place certain enzymes and elements that help the teeth in carrots, apples, and guavas, as we chew them thoroughly, so we strengthen the teeth. But many have replaced this with artificial sugary sweets to damage the teeth, instead to chew carrots and apples or even cherries. We often choose sweets and we destroy the beauty and the health of the teeth.

The Healing Power Of Carrots
a woman chewing apples


If you want to have a good, healthy bones and cure rheumatic and artistic pains begin eating carrots, garlic and leaves . Carrot and cucumber juice is best for these bone problems.

Germs, Worms, and Intestinal Parasites

By far, those who eat carrots in a natural manner as possible are free from worms, germs, and other parasitic organisms. Why not feed your children with carrots, garlic, honey and soya beans instead of red meat and white sugar that bring diseases.

Internal Heat, Itches, and Burning Sensation

The above complications mean the body acidity is very high ( the PH could indicate). You need some alkaline forming substances like carrots, soya milk and lemon juice. Carrot’s depurative effect on the body helps in alkalizing the body.


Carrots and lemon juice is a good suggestion for long smokers and alcoholics and even drug-victims. Some people smoke, they drink strong alcoholic substances and eat fats and unhealthy foods, but refuse to eat carrots, garlic, and lemon so they are causing harm to their systems.


Carrots, garlic and onion make children grow faster and healthy. Children trained with these substances are always clever , healthy and sensible.

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Loss of Libido/ Male Weakness

Taking carrots to chew at night is all that a weak man may need to strengthen the organ. But carrot, ginger and onion juice is very superb, even the one with low- sperm-count will be beneficial because of their aphrodisiac property.

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