Sunlight ar day time

The ultraviolet rays from the sun are the source of energy to both plants and man and other living creatures. When sunlight reaches plants by a process know as photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is stored as plant food and oxygen is given out as man’s breath of life. Many chemical reactions occur in plant’s body which brings many useful nutrients to the human body when we consume them.

Sunlight, upon hitting the human body, interacts with ergosterol in human skin that produces vitamin D, which which intensively helps the proper utilization of calcium, phosphorus , potassium and other useful nutrients in our body. Lack of sunlight may bring weak bones and weak, impure blood.

Europeans and Americans take particular note of sunlight. During the summer, most workers escape from offices to the beach for what they term sun bath. And many American Naturopath use sunlight therapy to cure diseases. Recently, some discoveries have proved the response of sunlight on typhoid and yellow fever.

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