Popular Types Of Sports In The World


Sports In The World

Many types of sports seen today has their root casting back to the olden day’s practices. Sports participation seems different across various countries around the world. Some have developed taste for particular sport and they empower the youth in their country to practice it to their best.

Although it is difficult to gather the exact participation numbers for sports around the world, it is possible to give a general idea of some of the most participated sports using  research tools.

Below are some popular sports across the globe.

Types of Sports



Football , which other parts of the world call soccer is a team sport played between two teams using spherical ball. Football is mostly seen as a rivalry spectator sport and this is also matched by the number of  participants in the sport, be it at the grassroots level, higher divisions to lower divisions leagues or being played for fun with friends. In the last global census undertaken by the sports governing body, i.e Federation of International Football Association  (FIFA), it was estimated that there about 265 million people who play the sport with more than 5 million referees.

football as sport in the world



Basketball is a game usually played between two teams made up of five players each on a rectangular field usually indoors. The two teams play in an opposing manner with the sole aim of shooting a basketball through the the defender’s hoop while the opposing team is being prevented from shooting into their own hoop as they aim for success

The Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA) estimates that about 450 million people play this sport around the world, be it structured competitions or for recreational purposes. Legendary figures in the sport of basketball includes Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant who have aided the rise in global popularity of the sport from its American roots.

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basketball as sport in the world



Tennis, a racket sport game which can be played between two teams consisting of two players each known as doubles or played individually against a single component usually refers to as singles“.

 This sport is popularly known as the most popular individual sport in the world, played by an estimated number of 60 million men and women across the world, according to a ranking by Topend Sports. The doubles version of the sport is also extremely popular around the world, being at a higher rank in the list of sports.

Some well known Tennis players includes: Roger Federer, Rafael nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams among others.

tennis as sport in the world

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Table Tennis

Another fascinating sport which is also known as wiff-wiff and ping-pong. This an indoor sport played by two or four players hitting a lightweight ball  which is also known as the pong-pong ball, played back and forth across a hard table divided by a particular net. The game has become more and more known over the years, with integration in various schools, social clubs and sport centres across the world. Topend Sports ranking also estimated 300 million participants worldwide in this particular sport.

Table Tennis as sport in the world.
Table Tennis



We cannot talk about sports without mentioning volleyball. Volleyball is an interesting sport in which two teams consisting of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points teams through grounding a ball on the opponent’s court under organized rules and regulations governing the game. The sport originated from America, boasting an outstanding estimated worldwide participation figure of about 998 million people. Both indoor and outdoor versions of volleyball are played all over the world, with about 230 affiliated national federations registered to volleyball’s global governing body the ‘FIVB’.

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volleyball as sport in the world

Other sports to be talked about includes:

. Golf

. Baseball

. Badminton

. Ice Hockey

. Field Hockey.



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