Expanding Your Phone’s Storage..

Boost your phone’s storage with an SD card

Struggling to deal with the problem of “your device/phone’s storage is running out”. This always pops up on your device’s notification area and this doesn’t allow you to install new apps. This causes your device to run slowing,causing other apps to misbehave. Perhaps you thought of uninstalling certain apps and files to free up space in order to make to your phone run smoothly but these apps too are useful in a way.
Some OEMs makes provision for installing apps on your SD card whereas some does not. If your phone does not allow installation of apps on your SD card, then this this post can be a solution to your problem.

Unlike your phone’s RAM, your device’s internal storage can be expanded to attain maximum comfort. In setting up an SD card as your phone’s storage, you’ll need a faster read/write SD card to ensure a good experience and smooth running of your apps. Below are the steps to get it done.

Expanding your Phone’s Storage

1) Open your phone’s settings app or pull down the status bar and hit the settings icon. Navigate to the Storage option and open it. Now you’ll see your phone’s internal storage and your SD card.Click on the 3 dots beside the SD card as indicated above. Note that this might be different on various devices.

2) Now you’ll be prompted with the SD card options which are Format & Format as Internal Storage. Click on format as internal storage

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3) Clicking on format as internal storage will bring up a prompt indicating what will happen to the SD card after performing that task, hit continue to advance to the next stage.


4) This step indicates the type of SD needed to succeed with the task and a warning message about losing files on your SD card. In case you have any important files on it, then you need to backup those files and restore it later.

Click on Erase and Format to continue the process.

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5) Now wait for the formatting process to complete and proceed to the next action.

When everything successful, you’ll see a message indicating the availability of your SD card being able to hold content. Now your SD card becomes your phone’s internal storage which can contain your apps and files including pictures, videos and music.In case you see the a failure message as indicated in the picture below then it means your SD card isn’t supported. This may be as a result of it’s slowness or being corrupted.

6) Lastly, reboot your phone for new settings to take effect.

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