100% Natural Cure For Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to treat and cure if nature could be employed to perform its work. Diabetes is a degenerative disease, in which, regenerative work will restore such patients to normal health. What diabetes fear (I mean diabetes mellitus) is the idea to accept and practice natural living. Civilization and modernization and so called modern life will bring many to diabetes doctors.

The world statistics estimate billions (not millions) of people to have diabetes, according to its rapid rate of increase all over the globe. Shall God sit down for us to suffer? There is an open way for those who want to live a healthy life.

We are in a world full of fanaticism; we do not have time to learn and respect natural healing with herbs,  for this we must choose to listen what plants and nature can do. Yes, if all diabetes will stop artificial drugs and turn their eyes to plant medication and proper diet, the disease, which you think has no cure cannot be seen in the rest of your years of life.

We are talking about diabetes mellitus. With diabetes insipidus, common corn silk tea can strengthen the weak kidneys to hold up urine form and sift  into the urinary bladder.

Types of Diabetes Mellitus

By far, diabetes mellitus is the most common. There are two types of diabetes -:juvinile-onset diabetes and maturity-onset diabetes.

Juvenile type is mostly caused by hereditary (from parents)- and the victims, if not the grace, will use artificial insulin throughout the whole length of life. Yet, it is possible for most experienced naturalists to change this situation.

The maturity-onset diabetes are mostly developed at mature ages and these victims condition can easily be reversed if the right medications are taken earlier.

Cause of Diabetes Mellitus

There are two main causes: damage to the pancreas or a nutritional problem. The islet of lobgahans in the pancreas that produce and supply the body with insulin can be difficult to repair if there is any disorder. Yet, there are some herbs one can take to restore these organs that secret the natural insulin in the form of hormones which is accompanied by the pancreatic juice that enters the duodenum of the intestine for its absorption into the blood ti make use of blood sugar(glucose)

Poor unbalanced diet, too much ‘gari‘ and starchy foods with poor stews and soups.  Too much eating of cassava and yams.

White sugar and its products, chocolates, sweets, and soft drinks. In every community where people drink a lot of soft drinks(minerals), diabetes is also common among the people.  Natural fruit juices are the best , check from the labels at shops; but some minerals are just water, sugar and artificial coloring. Shun them!!

Lack of physical exercise and overweight, overeating and eating foods that are robbed of their nutrients such as polished,  white rice and white bread. Eating bread with butter, milk and sugar may cause constipation and diabetes. Too much eating of meat, fat and pork.

Symptoms of diabetes Mellitus

Frequent urination, loss of weight, loss of appetite, paleness, general weakness, dizziness, night sweats, itching of the skin, irritability,  restlessness,  dry tongue and much morose.

Treatment of diabetes Mellitus

Diet treatment

Raw, natural foods and diets cure diabetes Mellitus.  The best way to cure diabetes Mellitus is diet therapy, comprising of fruit and vegetable juices. Juices from vegetables like carrot, cucumber, beetroot and tomatoes.

Grow tomatoes by your own organic means(not chemical fertilizer tomatoes). Fruits juice: pineapple, mangoes, oranges with little lemon and lime and watermelon. At least 1 to 3 glasses of fruit and vegetable juices daily will repair the system of what it has lost.

Do not use white sugar again; in its place choose pure, natural honey for long life. You can occasionally take well-roasted, healthy, hygienic, fish or meat if you cannot be a complete vegetarian. But your soups and stews may be plenty of vegetables and greens of all kinds. Garlic and onions should be included in any vegetable meals you may prepare. Cabbages, cauliflower, pumpkin, garden eggs, squashes, radishes like celery, parsley, dandelion, alfalfa, water-leaf, coco-yam leaves(“Kontomire” in Ghana)

But the enemy of diabetes is common cucumber and watermelon eaten with the seeds. The moment a diabetic patient eats these, diabetes starts running away. Is it not fantastic?

Diabetes Mellitus, Image of Sliced watermelon and cucumber

Fast treatment of diabetes Mellitus

Boiled green plantains with the peel and the water drunk as tea. Young leaves of plantain used in oil palm fruit soup. The best herbs are dandelion with momordica and corn Silk. Note: the platain here is our local cooked plantain food. See image below

Diabetes Mellitus, Image of cooked plantain with kontomire stew

Another wonderful medicine for diabetes is our local bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdala)

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