Choosing the Best New Smartphones


Choosing the best smartphone

There’s increasing number of new smartphones being produced these days. But how do choose the best among them?

The era of using phones just for sending and receiving text messages or making calls had elapsed. Smartphones have been introduced with features that helps you to run most tasks in your day-to-day life as well as being a source of entertainment.

Due to the number of devices available, it’s difficult to point out which smartphone is specifically designed to suit your preference. Below is a list of things to consider before going to the market to acquire a new smartphone.


Before deciding on any smartphone to buy, you need to get your priorities right first. A smartphone being a portable computer that you can move around, allowing you to perform various tasks being simple or complex. Also ensuring efficiency and enabling you to stay connected with the rest of the world through various chatting platforms to game plays.


The question is how do you actually use your smartphone daily?. Do you actually need a new phone?.

Well let’s see these important factors to consider before deciding on your next smartphone purchase.

1) Processor and RAM

The device’s strength and performance depends heavily on it’s processor and random access memory(RAM). Processor capabilities sometimes causes lack of software updates.

The processor is a chip with it’s speed measured in gigahertz (GHz). The higher the measurement, the faster the processor.

The device’s available RAM is also crucial in ensuring good work rate of the processor combined to bring out the best of every smartphone.

The RAM is a temporary storage of which data stored on it is lost when a device restarts. More RAM means smoother performance as it makes room for for apps to be opened in the background.

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NOTE!!! Your smartphone’s RAM cannot be upgraded.

2) Internal storage

After checking the processor and RAM, what’s next?. Check the internal storage capacity but not just about looking at the sticker on the package. Some phones have their storage capability already occupied by preinstalled apps.

Your smartphone’s storage capacity can be expanded by using a micro SD Card but don’t forget to look out for quality one.

A larger internal storage capacity is highly recommended over using an SD card no matter the storage capacity.

How much storage do you need?

You should also put into consideration the how much storage you actually use before opting for a model with higher internal storage.

Are you using your smartphone house bigger files, music, movies, heavy apps/. If the answer is yes, then you probably need a model with bigger storage but if the answer is no then it’s good opt for a model with 32-64GB internal storage.

3) Battery Life

One of the most the most important feature to consider when choosing a new smartphone is long battery life. Do not be blindfolded. A higher number of milliamps per hour(mAh) that is the the unit that indicates how long (per hour) the power bank can deliver a certain amount of current.This does not necessarily mean more and more battery life.

There are some factors that comes into play and it’s worth knowing.

An example to be considered is, the latest processors, optimize battery life. While screens with higher resolution consumes more energy thus draining your smartphone’s battery life. You should also check the display refresh rates as well as quick charging technology.

It’s better to check out reviews rather than just looking at the device’s specifications

4) Design and functionality

In choosing a new smartphone, personal taste and feel is a big factor in terms of software and appearance. Some prefer sinuous design, whereas some wants a sturdier look depicting straight lines and sharp edges.

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Different smartphones are released monthly within the industry with resemblance in their designs and choices are mostly influenced by trends and marketing campaigns.

Design is actually based on functionality. Some smartphones will prevent you from using some features such as headphone jack, microsd card, or Bluetooth.

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Before buying, check the device’s functionalities to ensure you’ll be able to use it with convenience and comfortability. Also check if only these features are important to you.

5) Operating System

By now, you’ve already focused on buying an Android-based device, but you’re wondering which version to look at for since there are several releases and versions upon versions of Google’s software. Before buying a new smartphone, you should examine the differences in various versions.

Each version of the Android’s operating system offers unique features and functions. Some apps can’t be installed due to a higher or lower version of android OS available on your device.

The latest android version available is Android 10 with Android 11 beta releases which not available on all devices.

I advice you to buy smartphones with latest android operating system with a guarantee of new features and functionalities.

6) Size and Display type

Most people who like to get the the best HD graphics in other to run the latest android games. Those who like to receive news updates as well as visual communications such as high end video calls should consider a smartphone that’s equipped with a display of at least 5.8 inches.

For those who usually use their the smartphone for reading social media posts can opt for a smaller screen device.

There are two main types of display technology in android device development namely:AMOLED and LCD. The difference between the two actually lies in the projection of light.

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LCD screens tend to be brighter and displays contents better when it’s in direct sunlight while AMOLED display gives sharper contrast and more saturated colours. The two are becoming less noticeable as more and more arrival of new technologies are erupting.

7) Camera Quality

Talking about the above features with mentioning camera quality wouldn’t make it complete. Smartphone manufacturers are paying attention to camera quality and features of their devices recently, and that gives a great a feeling to users.

The number of megapixels, autofocus, special effects, optical stabilizations, manual modes as well as special selfie features. Most smartphones are becoming more and more of digital cameras.

It’s important to get an idea of the type of integrated sensor, lens quality as well as pixel size rather than relying on solely on the numbers showing on the technical sheet.

It’s good to consider all what have been mentioned in this post but it will be great to check this when you’re in the store for such device. With this, you can find out more about the camera features by taking a shot yourself.

8) Price contrast to performance

This should probably be the first factor to consider if your budget is limited. With limited budget price, this would be definitely the first factor to consider.

How much do you plan to spend on your next smartphone?. Is it advisable to spend a lot of money to acquire a particular phone? or is it appropriate to limit yourself and choose a cheaper device but equally powerful and trendy?

The choice is yours but be aware that there are some devices better than others for any price range.

Hope you found this article useful and don’t forget to share !!!



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