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Earn money for taking photos with your phone (android, iPhone)


How do I use Premise?
Your work as a Premise researcher involves mapping life in your city for organizations working to improve your community. You can research whenever you want, earn money, and learn about your community along the way.

These tasks range in complexity and time required to complete them. Tasks include answering simple surveys, taking pictures around your neighborhood, or answering questions while traveling throughout your city.

What is the purpose of Premise research?
Premise conducts research to map life in your city for organizations working to improve your community. Premise has worked with organizations like the Gates Foundation, Google, and Bloomberg, to build the insights that drive community investment and more effective programs.

I finished creating my account. Now what?
Congratulations! You are ready to start completing tasks.

If you do not see any tasks, it is possible you are not in a location where Premise is active, or you need to adjust your phone settings. Please ensure that your GPS is set to high accuracy and that your phone clock is set to update automatically. After both these settings are updated, please sign out and then sign back into the app.

If you are still unable to see tasks, please let them know by selecting Report a Problem in the left-hand menu of the app.

Note 📝

Task are based on your location

Payment methods differs based on your location

To get your task accepted, take clear pictures of the supposed task

Avoid multiple registration!!!

You can reserve the tasks and perform them at your desired time

After installing and signing up, go to settings and find out more about premise

Premise is 100%√ Legit

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